Grow Your Brand
with Elope Pro

“Buy It or Don’t“ isn’t the only option for our customers.

Elope Pro Partners with Brands to Deliver Unique
Shopping Experiences for Customers

Empty Carts Suck

No one wants to have an empty cart, but sometimes products are “too d*mn high!”


Going Broke

No one wants to go broke after a big purchase. Elope Pro helps prevent that


Perfect Fit

“Buy it or don’t” can’t be the only option for customers. Elope Pro provides customers a chance to save up for purchases

Elope Pro combines traditional envelope saving with modern mobile 1st shopping


Mobile Exclusive

Mobile Shopping is the #1 way to shop today. Nearly 70% of all young people shop from their phones

Cancel Empty Carts

Watch users put money away towards your products, instead of just abandoning high priced carts


Promote Your Products

Promote your products on a nationwide level to your current customers and new ones through Elope Pro.

Customer Acquisition

See analytics on how your products are doing. See who’s tapping the “Shop Online” button and who’s putting down money

Perfect for Pre-orders

Before you launch a new product, start having customers save up for it’s launch! Provide an Envelope Product Link for them to complete the purchase

No convenience fees

Elope Pro doesn’t take a fee or interfere with product shipments.


How Does it Work?

You create a sponsored preset envelope. It appears on the explore page for Elope Pro users. They can add it to their personal envelopes and start saving up for your product. They can tap the “Shop Online” button at anytime and go directly to your product website.

Is Elope Pro an Online Store?

No. Elope Pro is a mobile app that in addition to allowing customers create their own goals and save towards them, serves sponsored preset envelopes for customers to invest in. We do provide a “Shop Online” button for users to purchase your product from your website.

What Qualifications are there to be an Elope Pro Brand Partner?

To be an EPBP all you need is to send us a link to your website, instagram/twitter, and a phone number & email. Please reach out here.

What Data Does Elope Pro Provide to Brands?

We provide:

  1. Total Number of users who have interacted your envelope

  2. Number of times a customer has hit the “Shop Online” button to view or purchase the product

  3. Analytics on iOS vs Android customers

  4. How much an ind. customer has contributed towards your envelope

  5. A timeline of a customer’s contributions

Note: All customer data is anonymous

How do brands create sponsored envelopes for Elope Pro and how do we see results?

Brands can create sponsored envelopes through our “Brands for Elope Pro” iOS and Android apps. Sponsored envelopes appear in the “Preset Envelopes” section of the Elope Pro mobile app for all users. There you will be able to create a sponsored envelope. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Brand Name - The name of your brand that the user will see

  2. Brand Contact Email - An email for the Elope Pro team to get in contact from you

  3. Brand Contact Number - A phone number for the Elope Pro team to get in contact from you

  4. Envelope Title - Title of the Product

  5. Envelope Target Amount - Target amount in $US dollars

  6. Envelope Category - The category the envelope belongs to (30+ to choose from. Here are a few: Electronics, Sneakers for Women, and Jeans for Men)

  7. Envelope Product URL - Url to direct the user to purchase the product

  8. Envelope Image - A photo of the product

Once your envelope is approved you will be able to sign in with your email to the “Brands for Elope Pro” iOS and Android Apps. There you will be able to see all the analytics for your brands envelope. If you have more sponsored envelopes, they’ll also appear.

How much does an envelope cost?

We offer a monthly subscription tailored to your needs:

  • $20/mo: 1 - 25 items added to Elope

  • $30/mo: 26 - 50 items

  • $45/mo: 51 - 100 items

  • $60/mo: 101 - 500 items

  • $100/mo: 501+ items

  • All items are a direct link to YOUR store.